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Lawn Care Services from the Pros

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care

Our landscapers provide lawn care services to residential and commercial property owners throughout Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin. We’re more than happy to handle the seasonal lawn care needs of your backyard or to provide weekly mowing services for the land surrounding your shopping center. Our team is capable of managing landscaping projects both small and large. Let’s schedule a consultation so that our professionals can evaluate the lawn care needs of your property and create an effective maintenance schedule.

Our lawn care services include:

  • Weekly Maintenance: Mowing, Trimming, & Blowing
  • Seasonal Applications: Fertilizer, Weed Control, Insect Control
  • Lawn Renovation Services
  • Bed Work: Redefining edges, Weed Control, New Mulch, Bush Trimming, and other landscape services.
  • Landscape Lighting

Better Lawn Care Maintenance

The biggest perk of professional lawn care services is that you don’t have to do the work yourself. For many homeowners, this alone makes the cost well worth it. Another benefit enjoyed by those who hire licensed landscaping professions is their ability to create serene curb appeal. The first thing your friends and family notice about your home is the yard.  Often the first impression you have to make on a customer or potential customer is when they pull up to your place of business. A Lawn Pros maintenance program will provide a warm and inviting appearance, and assure that the first impression is a great one. You can learn more about our services below.


Do you need to mow your lawn, but don’t have the time to do it? Lawn Pros offers full lawn service maintenance. Our weekly maintenance package includes picking up sticks, garbage & other debris from your lawn. We mow and trim all turf areas as well as blow off all hard surfaces. We can also remove clippings on request.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is the most beneficial service for your lawn after your Lawn Pros application program. Aeration opens up the lawn by removing plugs of soil and thatch. This allows more air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system and promote better plant growth.

Removing thatch is vital for your lawns success. Too much thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching the root system. Which prevents the plants from developing the way they should. Excess thatch can also lead to insect damage and other lawn diseases.

Power raking

Power raking is a process that removes excess thatch and other dead matter from your lawn. This is done with a machine that has nearly 100 tines under the deck moving in a vertical direction. After the machine pulls the thatch to the surface we clean it up and remove from your property.

Power raking is best done when your lawn is the most vibrant. So the best time for us to do this is during the Spring. Power raking is very beneficial to your lawn. Too much thatch will prevent water, fertilizer and other nutrients from reaching the root zone. Too much thatch is also a perfect spot for lawn diseases to start browning.

Slit seeding

Slit seeding is the process of cutting slits in the soil. Grass seed is then dropped into the slits and grass seed is distributed in a uniform manner throughout your lawn. This service offers a higher seed to soil contact then overseeding your lawn. Therefore it is far more successful when rejuvenating poor areas within a lawn.

This is an ideal service for areas that have been affected by drought, insect, and other disease damage.

Insect Control

Insect damage is becoming a bigger concern each and every year. Grubs, sod worms, and chinch bugs are a few of the more common insects that pose a threat. You can prevent damage with a preventative application in spring. This will protect your lawn for the entire season.
Lawn Pros uses a product that is not harmful to anything but insects. The chemistry in our product focuses on parts of the body that only insects have.
Insecticide Application – While most products on the market are designed to control specific species of insects. At Lawn Pros we use a product that controls most species of insects. With one application in the spring we can control insects throughout the season.

Fungus Treatments

Lawn fungus seem to appear from nowhere and spread rapidly. Some of the most common diseases in our area are brown patch, summer patch, dollar spot, red thread and different snow molds.
Symptoms of a fungus are circular bare spots in your lawn with living grass often found in the middle of the patches. If you suspect you have fungus, call us, we would be happy to stop by and survey your lawn for damage. We will also work with you on a program to treat the fungus.

Let’s Work Together


If you have questions or would like to get an estimate on landscaping work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’d love to tell you more about our services or costs. Give us a call at 262-878-9678 or contact us online.


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